Since 1942, Talgo has grown to be a leader and innovator in the rail transport industry. Talgo is engaged in the production, design and maintenance of high-quality and cost effective passenger cars, maintenance equipment and different applications for variable gauge changing, all extremely suited for high speed trains. Talgo's first train revolutionized rail travel in the 1940s by debuting the same technological principles that today' make Talgo Trains the safest, most advanced and reliable passenger trains around. Today, Talgo Trains provide daily service in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Canada and the United States.

Based in Spain and part of the Essentium Group, Assignia has extensive experience in the development, execution, management, operation, maintenance and conservation of all kinds of major infrastructure, including railroad, road, airport and port civil engineering, as well as building and industrial installations, among others. The company is currently carrying out different projects in the Americas (Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico), Asia (India), Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and Qatar), Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Equatorial Guinea and Angola), Central Europe (Romania) and Mediterranean Europe (Spain and Turkey).

Founded in 1993, EMEF, Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamento Ferroviário, S.A., is the main Portuguese Company in the Railway Maintenance Sector and develops its activity in five main fields: heavy maintenance, upgrading and refurbishment processes on railways rolling stock and its related equipments; preventive and corrective maintenance; assembly inspection, tests and commissioning; freight wagons design, manufacturing and upgrading; and research & development.

CAF Signalling is a technological subsidiary of the CAF Group. It is devoted to the development, design, manufacture and maintenance of railway signaling systems, providing integral signalling solutions both in Spain and internationally. CAF Signalling boasts in-house engineering and expertise to take on “turn-key" railway signalling projects. In 2015, the consortium made by CAF Signalling, FCC and Revenga Ingenieros has been awarded a €155 million contract to install the safety and telecommunication systems on the access section of the High Speed Train (AVE) to Murcia.



Throughout its 20 years of operation, ABR has developed strong working relationships with the leading technological pioneers in infrastructure, transportation and energy sectors.